Manufacturing Client Knowledge Base

What started out as a small document storage app, soon turned into a custom database that now serves not only as a storage center for all documents, presentations and datasheets but also a high level sales tool that is used around the world.

When this manufacturer came to Rokusek, they were looking for a solution that would help them and their sales team have quick and easy accessibility to current sales material – the problem? The data in these materials was changing frequently and the consistency of having the correct data in the field was becoming a problem, and difficult to manage.

With the help of their marketing team and product managers, we proposed a solution to store the digital version of these files on a web-based app..

We worked closely with the product team and developed a Knowledge Base App that soon exceeded our clients expectations and grew to more than just document management solution.

  • View, download and order hard copies of white papers, brochures, presentations, and fact sheets
  • Tiered access to files based on role and geography
  • Shared master list of contacts – this ensured that all users in the organization had the most up-to-date and relevant information about all customers they do (and want to do) business with
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