expect the unexpected

Rokusek Team

Rather than jazz, rock, reggae, or rap, you’re most likely to hear laughter booming through our office.

While we take our work and our clients seriously, we don’t necessarily take ourselves that seriously. We’re a sweet and salty mix of tech nerds, class clowns, perfectionists, dreamers, drivers and strategists who get the job done—and we love every minute of it.

The energy produced when these sharp, creative minds collide spurs animated conversations, refreshing perspectives, and inspired ideas. The ripple effects are felt throughout the world (our client’s world at least).

When we meet with clients, questions abound, honesty prevails, and solutions illuminate. Disrupted once again by an occasional snort amidst the laughs.

In the end, you get a smart, savvy, creative concoction. And the business-boosting results you’re driven by.

With Rokusek, expect the unexpected.

John staff picture

John Rokusek
Founder, Creative Director

John has an abundance of opinions and a broken filter. You will almost always know what’s on his mind. But as the masterful Geppetto, he dreams up possibilities, carves out solutions and corrals the creative to make big things happen.

John began his career as a designer and then creative director in publishing, working for companies such as Times Mirror, McGraw-Hill and Prentice Hall. In 1989, he launched Rokusek as a design studio and has strategically morphed it into the full-service marketing communications and creative tech firm it is today.

An avid tech geek, beta tester and early adopter, John embraces technology and revels in its evolution, while respecting traditions.

Travis staff picture

Travis Brown
“Grand PooBah of Business Development”

Travis is a Boy Scout. For real. He started his career with the Boy Scouts of America after earning his degree in mass communications from Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville. While working as a district director for the Boy Scouts, Travis honed his management and client relation skills. Before joining Rokusek in 2014, Travis served as executive director for the Historic Quincy Business District in Quincy, IL. Under his leadership, “The District” grew exponentially and reinvented itself to be on the forefront of technology on Main Street. Travis is a firm believer that for every problem there is a solution that probably has a cool gadget and a merit badge.

Emilie staff picture

Emilie Klene
“Crowned Princess of Project Management”

Emilie is a true princess, loved by one and all throughout the land. An admitted Disney freak, she reigns supreme over projects and processes to create the magic for our clients. Emilie is originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago and is a true city girl at heart who loves the Cubs, Bears and Michigan Avenue. Emilie earned two bachelor degrees (journalism and psychology) from Loyola University of Chicago. Prior to joining Rokusek, Emilie worked in communications for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, FL.

Ben staff picture

Ben Uzelac
“Lead Developer of All Things Amazing”

Ben has been programming and building computers since age 9. Yes, 9. Early on, he learned to hack his parents’ attempts at limiting late-night computer usage. While still wet behind the ears, Ben started working with Rokusek. In 2011, he worked remotely while attending college in Chicago. In 2012, he joined the team as software engineer. When he isn’t developing websites, mobile applications, and data management systems, Ben enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, gaming and reading science fiction.

Ryan Hanson

Ryan Hanson
“SaaS Ninja”

Ryan started his career off as a graphic designer. After developing his skills for a few years, he decided to try his hand at programming. He has been slaving away, learning his new skill and now we are proud to have him as part of our team. On the rare occasion that we let him leave the office, Ryan enjoys building and gaming.

Kim staff picture

Kim Rokusek
“Part-time Art Director, Full-time Badass”

Kim, also known as Sailor Kim, has worked with Rokusek since 1992. She earned a bachelor of science from Illinois State and put it to use keeping the Rokusek team in line while pouring her passion into designing everything from textbooks to websites. Whenever possible, Kim travels. One of her favorite destinations is Disney where she becomes a kid again — every time.

Jade staff picture

Jade Dillard
“Vector Vixen”

Jade joined our team as a designer after graduating from Western Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in graphic communications. Knowledgeable in many areas of design, she offers exceptional expertise in creating unique illustrations and manipulating vectors. When Jade isn’t creating pure awesome-spectacularness, she is spending time with her daughter or watching some of her favorite shows, which range from Disney’s “Winnie the Pooh” to “The Walking Dead”.

Julie Farrell

Julie Farrell
“Designer Extraordinaire”

Quincy native by birth, Julie left Illinois and headed for Chicago where she received a Bachelors degree in Visual Communications and put that knowledge to use working for Electronic Arts (EA SPORTS) for 12 years. Beside playing a ton of video games, she designed user interfaces/HUDs for various platform games over the years, as well as mobile development of apps and games. Think Def Jam Icon, NBA Street Series, Fight Night Series and More!

The last 5 years Julie has been freelancing for various clients in the Dallas area before she decided to head back to the Midwest and her roots!

Known for her laid back nature and off the wall sense of humor, Julie is bringing her love of design and fun-loving attitude to Rokusek!

Tayler Duerr

Tayler Duerr
“The Do-er”

Meet Tayler, the intern we just couldn’t get rid of! After a marketing internship with Rokusek in the Summer of 2016, Tayler joined us full-time in May of 2017 as a project coordinator. She earned her bachelor of arts degree in marketing from Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, Missouri. Tayler is a friend to all dogs, a lover of all things Christmas, and at the drop of a hat, she can give you an exact count-down (down to the second) to her Hallmark-inspired December wedding.

Abbie Staff picture

Abbie Flynn
“Manager of all things Money”

We’d be lost without Abbie keeping all the finances, and most of our staff, in line. Abbie has been with Rokusek since the early 1990s.