John Rokusek | Founder, Creative Director

Picture of John Rokusek

A recognized leader in communications design, John started his career (pre-digital) as a product and book designer for the American publisher Times Mirror/Mosby. He was the first student of Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville to graduate with a BFA in Design with an emphasis in Graphic Communication. An avid beta tester and early adopter, John is an admitted tech addict and design geek. He is proud to have logged countless late nights bug-hunting and collaborating with companies like Alien Skin Software, Pixar, Specular and Netscape. His professional career spans almost thirty years of communications design, marketing consulting and digital development. He has collected numerous awards for textbook design, product development, trade-show and video work. John considers himself extraordinarily lucky to be working creatively at a time where design and technology are having such profound impact on how we interact.

Emilie Klene | Account Manager

Picture of Emilie Klene

After a year long internship at the Walt Disney Company, Emilie moved to Quincy searching for a business that would emulate the same core values and beliefs she had grown to admire over the last year – and that’s when she found Rokusek. Emilie joined the team in 2012 and has recently moved from Project Manager to Account Manager. A 2011 graduate from Loyola University Chicago, with degrees in Journalism and Psychology, she has keen sense of understanding our clients and their needs and assists them in clearly and effectively communicating their messages to the world.

Travis Brown | Account Manager

Picture of Travis Brown

Travis is an Account Manager and Tactical Projects Leader at Rokusek. After graduating from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a degree in Mass Communication, he began a successful career with the Boy Scouts of America. After 8 years he moved back to his hometown of Quincy, IL to become the Executive Director for the Historic Quincy Business District (now known as The District). Under Travis’ leadership, the organization grew membership by over 40%, increased revenue, strengthened community relations, went through a rebranding campaign and saw many advances in technology and innovation. In 2014, he joined the team at Rokusek where he works with clients to help them find solutions for their business. He also loves continuing to work with downtowns across the country through various projects including Maestro Community Manager.

Ben Uzelac | Lead Developer

Picture of Ben Uzelac

Ben has been programming since age 9 and his history with Rokusek is almost as old as he is; after interning at Rokusek when he was just 13, Ben worked remotely from Chicago while attending DeVry University, studying video game development with an emphasis on AI. He joined the team as a full-time Software Engineer in 2012. Ben heads up our programming department and drives development in directions that keep us way ahead of the curve. With an admittedly skewed world view and a voracious curiosity about all things tech, Ben’s days (and often nights) are full of exploration and code. Ben has served on the District’s Board of Directors since 2017. Ben plans to build a local programming curriculum from public schools through college, to give future students a practical programming education.

Ryan Hanson | Developer

Picture of Ryan Hanson

Ryan’s love of computers started with his Grandma who was in charge of technology for a library system. She bought him his first computer where he learned how to use Photoshop and Illustrator. After attending a vocational school for graphic design during high school, Ryan was accepted to Robert Morris College and earned his BS in graphic design. With a few years of experience, he moved to Quincy and took a job at Doyle Manufacturing. During his time with Doyle, Ryan helped move technology forward in the company and wrote their first inventory control system. As Ryan’s programming skills improved, he realized he wanted to get back into the design world. Rokusek, with it’s unique mix of design and technology, was a perfect fit. Ryan is now involved in the programming and UX for custom software as a service products, interactive database-driven websites, and apps.

Jade Dillard | Art Director / Design Manager

Picture of Jade Dillard

Jade joined the Rokusek team after graduating from Western Illinois University in 2014 and is now an Art Director/Design Manager. Her interest in graphic design started when she was 15 years old and had to produce some 92 abstract designs that were later elected to be featured in the her High School Art Fair. From that moment on, her passion grew and so did the number of projects she took on. Jade is one of the most passionate designers you will interact with at Rokusek and while she enjoys the challenges web and app design bring, her first love will always be print design. Jade is equally talented in the manipulation of photographs as well as vector designs and continues to embrace the fun and exciting challenges that our clients bring to the table.

Kim Rokusek | Designer

Picture of Kim Rokusek

Since graduating from Illinois State University in 1991, Kim has been working as a graphic designer. Kim joined Rokusek in 1992 and began learning college textbook design. By 1995 she was winning awards for cover and book interior design, and by 1999 was leading a team of designers that handled hundreds of book design projects every year for publishers worldwide. With everything going digital, there are fewer textbooks and more website and app development projects these days. Kim admits sometimes missing the good old days when she was always surrounded by print projects but still finds her creativity in digital work. Kim is hands down considered the “funnest coworker at rokusek” and never fails to bring laughter and engaging conversation to the group.

Abbie Flynn | Bookkeeper

Picture of Abbie Flynn

Abbie began working with Rokusek in 1991, handling book keeping and account receivables as a part time employee. She now handles all things financial, and serves as a mentor and advisor for employee financial and healthcare programs. Little known fact: Abbie and John attended a small rural high school together in the 70’s. She always sat in the front so they really didn’t talk all that much. When Abbie is not at Rokusek, she is usually doing renovations to her ancestral home and chasing her boyfriend and grandchildren around the family farm… on a four wheeler.