Rokusek Testimonials:

Catie Doyle from Doyle Manufacturing Raves:

Jacqueline Gay of Quincy Compressor Raves:

Clarice Hetzler from Children’s Advocacy Network raves:

“We began working with Rokusek Design several years ago. The first time we worked with them, our board directed them to do what we thought we needed. But recently we worked with Rokusek again to rebrand our organization. This time Rokusek led the strategic process with wonderful results. They listened to us and got to know our needs and challenges. They helped us put together a plan to better identify who we were. The result was a professional package, including renaming our organization and developing a new logo that helps us stand apart from other social service agency. As a result, people finally get who we are. We’ve had such phenomenal feedback. This complete package shows we have our act together so people take our organization more seriously. The outcome has been far above anything we could have imagined. Going through this process was the best thing we ever did.”

Kevin McGinness from Faith Presbyterian Church raves:

“We first thought we needed a big advertising campaign for our church so we called Rokusek Design. But they saw things in a different way and helped us reexamine our approach. Rokusek’s obvious value process helped us figure out who we wanted to be as a church, how to do it, and it freed us to think about how God wants us to be. It was a unifying experience. The result was a whole paradigm shift. I was impressed with Rokusek’s wisdom to see what we needed to do and their honesty to say it. They could have done what we wanted without saying anything. But instead they took the extra step and showed us a better way of doing things. Going through the process with Rokusek was a very productive use of time. Rokusek also helped us develop a new logo and tagline that has created a sense of unity and belonging in our church.”

Lt. Colonel Karen Terry from the United States Air Force raves:

“We hired Rokusek Design with a limited budget and a vague idea of what we hoped could become an Air Force-wide marketing campaign to heighten awareness of the 11 different child care programs within the Air Force Family Child Care (FCC) program. Using our ideas as the starting point, their experts facilitated a creative process that progressively developed our thoughts into a themed campaign, complete with promotional items and networking tools. We have found the Rokusek Design team to be easy to work with, enthusiastic, responsive to our needs and sensitive to our budget. We are very pleased with the results and excited to share the new campaign with our installations.”

Mark Reuschel of The District raves:

Working with the team at Rokusek surpassed all of our expectations. Their communication audit helped our board of directors recognize some areas that we could improve upon, and helped make the decision to move forward with a new brand very easy. Once that decision was made, we really got to work with the creative side of Rokusek and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did they present us with options, but they facilitated our discussion and asked the right questions that led to our decision making. This led to a wonderful finished product that is very representative of our organization. One of the unforeseen outcomes of this project was the camaraderie and team building that developed through our meetings. I would highly recommend Rokusek. Their talented and creative team brought out the best in our organization’s leaders and led to a fantastic finished product. 

Debbie Reed of Chaddock raves:

I have worked with Rokusek Design for more than two decades because of their unique ability to capture the true essence of an agency. They accomplish this through listening, asking questions, challenging assumptions and offering insights honed through years of experience in effectively positioning organizations. As a non-profit organization moving to a national scale, our budgets were modest but our expectations were not. Rokusek Design was an obvious choice to help us take our brand to the next level.