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Rokusek is a marketing communications and digital design firm located along the western coast of Illinois, embraced by the mighty Mississippi. Our carefully crafted team of designers, developers, writers and strategists has been boosting our clients’ success for nearly 30 years.
We tap our dynamic tool box to provide our clients strategic, integrated design and communications that engage, inspire and WORK.

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Why choose Rokusek? One big reason is because we make it fun to get the exceptional results you’re looking for.

Whether you need a clutter-busting marketing campaign, a complex website, an app to put you on the map, a branding system, or an eye-catching print piece, we’ve got you covered.

We develop solutions and build relationships. Relationships between ideas, strategies and brands. Relationships between brands and customers. And relationships with you.

But there’s more. We listen and learn. We ask thought-provoking questions and provide refreshingly honest answers and sound advice. We look at the big picture to help you anticipate future needs to inform today’s decisions. We may joke. We will likely laugh together… potentially punctuated with unflattering snorts. And we will be successful together..

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